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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness.

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People with HD find it difficult to discard possessions regardless of their actual value, consequently the things overflow the living space and hinder living function
Generally has onset before age 40 years, increased in severity after middle age, and is linked with social isolation, depression (14-54%), anxiety, AD/HD and PTSD were also found
In children with ADHD hoarding symptoms mediated the relationship between ADHD and oppositionality
Hoarding behaviors may present in up to 3.7% in children, 7.5% in college students, 25% of older adults
Behavior is a form of communication
People with HD often perceive themselves to be significantly more impaired with respect to their ability to tolerate emotions, pay attention and remember things than they actually are (Low self-efficacy)
Feeling fearful and being in a cluttered room were both associated with a decreased number of discarded items in people with low self efficacy and low distress tolerance. The opposite was true as SE and DT increased.

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