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Relationship Tips for Influencing People: PACER Integrated Behavioral Health Quickstart Guide Live discussion with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on understanding the impact of unsupportive or troubled relationships on pain, inflammation, sleep, mood, attention and concentration and overall health
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Reduce HPA-Axis overactivation and associated stress related health issues
Reduce anxiety
Inspire enthusiasm and motivation
Get out of a mental rut by helping you take different perspectives

Create a supportive, TOLERANT environment
Increase earning potential
Enhance trust
Improve relationships and make new ones
Increase your influence and ability to get things done.
Help you to handle complaints, avoid arguments. Synergize don’t criticize
Propose solutions not just complaints
Give honest and sincere appreciation (words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, touch)
Create a win-win to motivate the other person to want to participate (E/I, S/N,T/F, J/P)
Develop a genuine interest in others to understand them and help them feel important
Encourage other people to talk about themselves and share their opinions
Pay attention to nonverbals— smile, open hands
Remember a person’s name (but don’t use it too much)

. Remember that arguments are power struggles and trigger the fight or flight response.
Take a breath and get into your wise mind
Explore why dissention triggers your threat response
Seek to find common ground and communicate respect.
Support your position with objective (specific, measurable) facts
Avoid extreme words
Own your part but avoid overpersonalizing
Start with the positive or a yes. (break a no pattern with a yes) Better yet, ask open ended questions… Instead of “did you have a good weekend?” Say, “What was the best thing that happened this weekend?”
THINK before you speak: True Helpful Inspiring Necessary Kind