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Awe, Wonder and Health: PACER Integrated Behavioral Health Quickstart Guide Live discussion with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on understanding the impact of immune system health on pain, inflammation, sleep, mood, attention and concentration and overall health
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Awe experiences can be characterized “perceived vastness/profoundness/greatness” and a “need for accommodation” or an adjustment of our understanding of the world (learning)
When people feel awe, their attention becomes focused on something extraordinary
Awe can be thought of as a temporary form of mindfulness
When you feel awe and wonder you often want to continue to experience it, to see it again and maybe (but not always) to understand it
Dacher Keltner, a psychologist at UC Berkeley, has shown that awe leads to greater humility, curiosity, innovation, happiness, and a desire to contribute to the world.
In two studies, a typical awe experience was associated not only with awe, but with compassion, gratitude, love, and optimism, along with connectedness and self-relevant thoughts
Awe is a complex emotional construct characterized by a mix of positive (contentment, happiness), and negative affective components (fear and a sense of being smaller, humbler or insignificant)
Humility is a foundational virtue that counters selfish inclinations such as entitlement and arrogance. When individuals encounter an entity that is vast and challenges their worldview, they feel awe, which leads to self-diminishment and subsequently humility. In support of these
Awe-prone individuals were rated as more humble by friends
Inducing awe led participants to present a more balanced view of their strengths and weaknesses to others and acknowledge the contribution of outside forces in their own personal accomplishments
What is awe inspiring?

Try to see the world through a child’s eyes (planetarium, museum, nature walk)
Seek it out in person, media or VR. Journal about it: 10 minutes of awe during the day and 10 minutes of positive focus at night.