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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness.

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Anger is part of the fight or flight response
Anger is a helpful emotion that serves to protect you from real and perceived threats causing a loss of a sense of safety and personal power/control
It exists on a continuum
When people feel like a threat is continuing, anger often escalates to rage.
When people are already on edge (HPA-Axis is activated), additional threats may result in an exaggerated anger response (proverbial straw)
People with a history of direct or indirect trauma or victimization may be in a perpetual state of hyperawareness/hypervigilance resulting in the flat and the furious
HPA-Axis activation
Sleep disruption
Changes in gut microbiome
Blood sugar disruption
Immune system suppression
Impulsive Behavior
(Long term) Inflammation
(Long term) Exhaustion
(Long term) Rapid aging / oxidative stress
(Long term) Hormone disruption
(Long term) Hypothyroid

Emotional Reasoning
Negative emotional valence
Pessimistic perceptions
Extreme thinking
Cognitive inflexibility
Withdrawal from “opposing” friends
Immersion with like minds
Physical: Regulate HPA-Axis activation
Create physical safety
Address pain and sleep issues which contribute to HPA-Axis dysregulation
Minimize stimulants and alcohol
Accept feelings nonjudgmentally
Do things that increase happiness (Live in the And)
Develop hardiness and an attitude of gratitude

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