Live discussion with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on coping with anxiety and depression and other physical and mental illnesses with an integrative behavioral health approach . A Quickstart guide to understanding temperament and improving relationships.

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Temperament is
A set of dimensions that exist on a spectrum which describe preferences regarding:
E-I (Environments)
S-I (Learning and Information Conceptualization)
T-F (Motivation)
J-P (Time Management)
Most people are not purely one dimension or the other
When conditions are out of synch with people’s preferences they often feel “stress”

Like words such as principles, justice, standards or analysis
Respond most easily to people’s thoughts
Want to apply objective principles
Value objectivity above sentiment
Can assess logical consequences
Believe it is more important to be just than merciful
Assess reality with a true/false lens
May think that those who are sentimental take things too personally
May argue both sides of an issue for mental stimulation

Like words such as care, compassion, mercy, intimacy, harmony, devotion
Respond most easily to people’s values
Want to apply values and ethics from multiple perspectives
Value sentiment above objectivity
Good at assessing the human impact
Believe it is more important to be caring/merciful
Assess reality with a good/bad lens
Think that those preferring objectivity are insensitive
Prefer a to agree with those around them

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