Live discussion with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on coping with anxiety and depression and other physical and mental illnesses with an integrative behavioral health approach . A Quickstart guide to understanding temperament and improving relationships.
A set of dimensions that exist on a spectrum which describe preferences regarding:
E-I (Environments)
S-I (Learning and Information Conceptualization)
T-F (Motivation)
J-P (Time Management)
Most people are not purely one dimension or the other
When conditions are out of synch with people’s preferences they often feel “stress”
Are practical and realistic
Prefer facts and live in the real world
Content in general
Would rather do than think
Focus on practical, concrete problems
See the details and may ignore the big picture
Want specifics and tend to be very literal
May think that those preferring intuition are impractical
Believe “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”

Are imaginative dreamers
Prefer abstraction, inspiration, insights
Live in the world of possibilities
Would rather think than do
Focus on complicated abstract problems
See the big picture but miss the details
Love word games
May think that those preferring the practical lack vision
Believe anything can be improved
Focus on the future and possibilities

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