Live discussion with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on coping with anxiety and depression and other physical and mental illnesses with an integrative behavioral health approach to psychological flexibility. Serenity powerlessness and unmanageability explores the concept of applying the twelve steps and the serenity prayer through radical acceptance and purposeful action for coping with anxiety and distress and enhancing mental health. The videos in this playlist will help you dive deeper into the concepts we discussed in the live streaming broadcast.

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~~~~~~~Show Notes Below~~~~~~~Would you go on a trip without first identifying where you were going? (Health and Happiness)
Would you go on a trip blindly without getting directions to your destination?
What steps and activities will help you achieve your definition of health and happiness?
When you are on your way, traffic jams and delays cannot always be anticipated. When you run into them, what do you do? (Powerlessness)
Stay stuck? Rev your engine and burn through your gas?
Randomly turn off and hope you can figure out how to get back on course?
Scream at the cars in front of you, blaming them for your problem?
Even if someone else caused the situation, it is your problem to fix.
Take a minute and look at the map to find the best alternate route?
Accept this is the best route and you may just have to be patient?
(Serenity to accept the things I cannot change and courage to change the things I can)
When you are on a trip do you pay attention to your gas gauge, or just hope that when you need fuel you will be able to find a station? (HALT)
When you are on a trip with a time limit (vacation) do you
Follow the directions to ensure you get to your destination?
Frequently get detoured by something that seems exciting in the moment? (Defects of character/impulsivity/trying to control what you are powerless over)
Do you get to your destination (recovery) or end up going back home (dying) without getting there?
Belief in something greater than ourselves.
Belief in a bigger picture or Good Orderly Direction
GOD can be thought of as Google Maps for living. It is a set of directions for how to live our lives in a way that most efficiently gets us to our destination of a rich and meaningful life.
Keeping the bigger picture in focus (Good Orderly Direction) can give us
the SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change (not worth wasting the energy)
the COURAGE to change the things we can
The WISDOM to know the difference. Admit that you are powerless and this situation as you are currently experiencing it has become unmanageable.
Believe that following a plan/GOD (as opposed to living reactively) could restore your health and happiness
Make a decision to adhere to a plan (GOD) to guide your actions and use your energy in the best possible way to help you reach your destination of health and happiness.
Examine your thoughts and behaviors for those that are impulsive or reactive or not guided by the plan (GOD)
Identify the exact nature of your unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that distract you from the plan (BAD HALT)
Be entirely ready to resume your plan (GOD), following the directions and forgoing immediate reward to get headed back toward your destination of continuous health and happiness
Regularly remind yourself that the benefits of arriving at your destination (Health & Happiness) by adhering to the plan (GOD) outweigh the momentary benefits of acting on impulse