Live discussion with Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on coping with anxiety and depression and Developing Resilience -Addressing Dirty Discomfort: Getting Out of the Quicksand of Emotions
A term coined by Stephen Hayes (ACT) to refer to additional distress we experience when we fight out emotions and refuse to accept reality which can begin to feel like quicksand swallowing us up as we struggle
Depression  guilt  anxiety anger at others  anger at self  hopelessness
Step 1: Radical Acceptance
Step 2: Unhook… I am having the thought/feeling that…
Step 3: Is embracing this emotion a good use of my energy? (Backpack Activity)
Step 4: Living in the And—Improve the next moment (What can I do to unload the rocks)

Activating event
Beliefs about the event
Consequences of those beliefs (emotional and physical)
Dispute the beliefs: Facts for and against, Probability, Alternative explanations (big picture)
Evaluate: Best use of energy to move toward happiness
Change your reaction (radical acceptance, let it go)
Change the situation
Health (SN&P)
Sleep & circadian rhythms
Nutrition & hydration
Pain & Inflammation Management

Attitude of Optimism
Re-Regulation & Distress Tolerance (BRATS)
Radical Acceptance (It is what it is)
Activities (distract & elicit opposite emotions)
Thought Stopping
Sensations (distract & elicit opposite emotions)

Mindfulness (WaNT)
Warning signs
Needs in the present context

Social Skills & Support

Dr. Snipes provides general relationship advice and discusses what boundaries in relationships are, problems if you don't have boundaries in relationships and steps to take to improve boundaries

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What are boundaries
Awareness of where I end and others begin
They can be hard or soft
Physical boundaries
Affective Boundaries
Cognitive Boundaries
With your internal voices
With others
Environmental Boundaries
Relational Boundaries

What is the impact of poor boundaries –PACER
Why is it hard to set boundaries
Fear of rejection / Need for approval
Internalized messages that your thoughts, wants and needs are not important or not okay
Prior bad experiences trying to be assertive

Mindfulness (nonjudgmental)
Assertiveness (With possibility for compromise)
Reflect on meaning

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