Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches to improving mental health and reducing mental illness. Based in part on TIP 60: Technology Based Therapeutic Tools (SAMHSA). If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and share with your colleagues.

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 Explore the benefits and drawbacks to technology assisted counseling
 Learn about some of the different technology tools available
 Identify ways technology can be used in your practice to enhance client success and be culturally responsive
Why Use It
 Technology allows alternative models of care to be offered to clients with specific needs that limit their ability or interest in participating in more conventional settings
 Assessment
 Detox monitoring (by physician)
 Individual
 Couples/Family (even extended family)
 Group (traditional and IOP)
 Drug screening (breathalyzers, sweat patch, saliva, hair)
 Or partner with local labs to do observed urine drops
 Therapist extenders (journals, logs)

Ways to Use It
 Email
 Smartphone/tablet applications (apps)
 Online forums and targeted social networking sites (i.e. )
 Informational web sites and blogs
 Video and telephone chat
 Virtual Reality/Immersion Therapy
 Virtual Art Therapy
Telephone and Video
Self-Directed, Web-Based, and Computer-Based Therapeutic Tools
 Literature reviews underscore the effectiveness of such interventions in producing health behavior change.
 Comparisons of computer-delivered interventions with person-delivered interventions generally report comparable outcomes
Computer-Based Self-Directed cont…
 Computerized treatments for mental disorders have been most widely developed and extensively used for anxiety, traumatic stress, and depressive disorders
 Computer programs have successfully implemented such mental health techniques as:
 Cognitive restructuring
 Relaxation training
 Systematic desensitization
Web-Based Text Communication: Email, Chat, Forums, Email Lists, Social Networks
 Chat rooms typically refer to open “rooms” online in which
 Individuals can come and go as they wish
 Communicate synchronously with any or all participants in the chat room.
 Many behavioral health chat rooms are moderated by a clinician who posts comments, guides discussions, and may screen comments before allowing them to post.
 Patients Like Me ( offers Web-based exchanges of information among clients
Email and Text Chat
 Email can be used for …
 One-sided text messages, for instance, from provider to consumer, have shown considerable utility in promoting treatment compliance and self-monitoring of health behavior
 A search for VR in the search engine in early May 2014 yielded 190 clinical trials with topics such as:

 Telemental Health is here to stay
 Many self-directed programs are extremely useful for all ages and a multitude of diagnoses, especially for early intervention
 The use of virtual technologies enables a clinician to individualize treatment to increase compliance, accessibility and effectiveness
 There are many ethical, regulatory and legal issues surrounding the use of electronic devices in any aspect of counseling.

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