Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches to improving mental health and reducing mental illness.

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#HepFreeFuture #WorldHepatitisDay.

Overview of Viral Hepatitis
~ 3.5–5.3 million people in the United States live with chronic viral hepatitis
~ Symptoms can take decades to manifest, so many people who are infected do not seek timely treatment
~ Chronic hepatitis infection affects approximately 5% of psychiatric inpatients
~ More than 90% of infants that are infected will develop a chronic hepatitis B infection
~ Up to 50% of young children between 1 and 5 years who are infected will develop a chronic hepatitis B infection
~ 90% of healthy adults over the age of 19 will recover from a Hep B exposure
~ HCV will spontaneously clear in 25% of the population
Counseling Approaches
~ Helping Clients Understand Their Diagnoses
~ Acute vs Chronic
~ A, B, C
~ Among those who develop chronic HCV or HBV infection, an estimated 20 to 30% will develop cirrhosis
~ Progresses faster in those infected after 40
~ Increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
~ Abdominal swelling (Ascites) indicates treatments are no longer working.
~ Hepatic encephalopathy will occur in approximately 30 to 40% of individuals with cirrhosis is the illness becomes more severe.
~ Neurologic and psychiatric manifestations including apathy, irritability, decreased energy level, impaired sleep-wake cycle, impaired cognition, diminished consciousness, or loss of motor control
~ Helping Clients Understand Their Diagnoses
~ Interventions (Consult with physician)
~ Medication to slow progression of cure the disease
~ Get screened for liver cancer annually
~ Avoid or limit alcohol and smoking since both cause a lot of stress to your liver
~ Eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables since fried, greasy foods are hard on your liver
~ Maintain a healthy weight to prevent fatty liver
~ Drink coffee?
~ Individuals with chronic HCV who do not have cirrhosis can often take acetaminophen, aspirin or NSAIDs at low or standard recommended dosages.
~ Persons with chronic HCV infection and cirrhosis should, in general, avoid taking acetaminophen, NSAIDs or aspirin
~ Those with chronic HCV are often told to avoid taking iron supplements or a daily multivitamin that contains iron
~ Vitamin D deficiency is common with chronic HCV infection (and depression)
Counseling Approaches: Motivation
~ For Testing or Treatment
~ Physical (relieve symptoms)
~ Affective (anxiety/depression)
~ Cognitive (provide direction and clarity)
~ Environmental/Relational (know they are not putting anyone else at risk or how to mitigate risk)
~ OARS: Open-ended questions, Affirmation, Reflection, Summarizing
~ FRAMES: Feedback, Responsibility, Advice, Menu, Empathy, Support
Counseling Approaches
~ Developing a Prevention Plan
~ Prevent self and loved ones from infection
~ Prevent additional infections or development of confounding issues
~ Prevent infecting others if infected
Counseling Approaches
~ Building Support Systems
~ Educate about prevention and to reduce stigma
~ Family counseling
~ Community education
~ Support groups

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