Integrative Approach to Supporting the Homeschooling Family with Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

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 Explore the impact of homeschooling on the family
 Identify issues that may come up during homeschooling
 Explore creative ways to help families effectively homeschool
Impact of Homeschooling
 Physical
 It is easy for the child’s schedule to get out of synch when they don’t have to get up to meet a bus
 Maintain a schedule
 There is a risk of greater weight gain related physical problems due to a lack of enforced PE and 24/7 availability of food
 Mindful eating, cooking, fun activities, nutrition literacy
 Some children may rely on free and reduced breakfast and lunch and will no longer be able to access that.
 Work with food pantries and volunteers to disperse care packages
 Increased risk for unnoticed child abuse or neglect when children are home all day
 Conversely, children could get more sleep, be exposed to fewer germs, encouraged to be active in meaningful ways, learn how to eat mindfully as well as develop culinary skills.

Impact of Homeschooling
 Affective
 Depression & grief due to
 Separation from friends
 Inability to have experiences that they dreamt of (prom, graduation, student council, IRL friends…)
 Extracurricular availability through the district or homeschool organization
 Feeling hopeless and helpless when they are learning a difficult subject and do not have peer support*
 Online resources
 K12 type schooling
 Virtual or IRL study groups
 Loneliness
 Extroverts and competitive youth may struggle more than others
 Introverts may thrive in this setting
 Caregivers may feel very isolated, especially if they quit work to homeschool
 Parental Stress
 Deciding on a curriculum
 Feeling unprepared to teach certain subjects
 Difficulty getting youth to do what they are supposed to do
 Exhaustion from being “on” all day every day
 Happiness due to:
 Being able to do some self-directed learning and get frequent feedback from primary caregiver
 Caregiver being able to see those aha moments
 Not having 5 hours of homework each night and having time to be a kid
Impact of Homeschooling Cognitive
 Caregivers may not be able to adequately identify learning issues (ADHD, LD, autism, FASD, hearing or vision problems)
 Provide screening tools
 Work with the district or homeschool group to have a clinician available for consultation
 Connect with Early Intervention Services if a child under 3 is in the family and demonstrating developmental delays.
 Provide practical tools and information to support the family
 Caregivers may not feel prepared
 Help them find tools to teach. Nobody knows everything.
 Connect them with homeschooling support groups
 Some children thrive in this environment because
 They are able to be taught in a way that they learn best
 They are able to be in a conducive environment
 They are able to work at their own pace
 They are able to explore things “traditional curriculum” doesn’t provide
 They are able to use the skills for practical purposes
 Math: Cooking, wood working, money management
 English: Research, health literacy, learning about a topic of interest (birds, interior design), improving at Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit
 History: Talk about lessons learned and compare/contrast with present day
 They learn how to learn and be self-disciplined which prepares them …

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