Vicki was a feral cat dropped off at the shelter pregnant. She lived at the shelter for over a year where they cared for her. When I got her she was still terrified of humans She has been in foster care with me for 6 months. She now allows me to pet her and will sit next to me when I watch television. She even came into my room the other day (first time! 🙂 ) and thought about getting up on my bed with me. (The three dogs that were already there were too overwhelming though). She is great with her litter box, doesn't mind dogs at all. Is indifferent to other cats (although super dominant cats (bullies) scare her) She greets me each morning and tells me it is time for pets, but, as of yet, nobody can just walk up to her and pet her unless she is on her pillow (her safe space.). The good thing is that I can almost always get her to go to her pillow if I want to pet her or need to pick her up for some reason. She is not mean at all.
When you pick her up her entire body shakes with fear…same thing when new people try to pet her. She talks to my whole family, and will let them pet her when she is on her pillow. She would do best in a home that is relatively sedate.

Vicki is available for adoption in Mt Juliet TN. Contact the Mt Juliet TN animal shelter
Address: 115 Industrial Dr, Mt Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: (615) 773-5533